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MYTH: "I can't afford the fees at RE/MAX!"

THE TRUTH: An investment in your business at RE/MAX is much more affordable than

our competitors would have you believe. When people call us “FEEMAX,” they either

(1) don’t understand the model; or, (2) have a vested interest in you never seeing the truth.

The most likely answer is BOTH! The fact is, you’re probably paying more at your current office

than you realize.  Why would you accept that when you have such a strong alternative in RE/MAX?

At RE/MAX Affiliates, there are no complicated formulas or multi-tiered commission plans. Our agents have two compensation options, so they can choose what best fits THEIR business.They control their financial investment. So can you. 

Just give us a call to see a side by side comparison and make a decision based on the TRUTH!

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